Make the most of your shower water!

Four minutes is the recommended water-wise shower time. Photo: supplied.


As the days become cooler, it’s tempting to spend more time in the shower. Did you know that every extra minute spent in the shower uses 12 litres of water?

Tauranga City Council acting water services manager Barry Sarjeant has some top tips for reducing the time you spend in the shower so you can save on water and shower bills this winter.

“This extra minute does soon add up when you consider the cost of power and the number of showers taken each day. Four minutes is the recommended water-wise shower time,” says Barry.

“In my home, we’ve installed a water efficient showerhead. This, along with keeping an eye on how long we spend in the shower, has not only conserved water but has cut our water and heating bills too.

“Tauranga residents can take part in our free showerhead exchange programme by swapping old inefficient showerheads for a brand-new water efficient model.”

In winter we use, on average, 180 litres of water per person per day – that’s 18 ten-litre buckets!

If you really want to be water-wise, a great way to make every drop count is to put a bucket in the shower while waiting for it to heat up to use on your pot plants.

“It’s important we’re mindful of our water use, whatever the weather,” says Barry. “Check out the Water Watchers Plan on the council website before turning the tap. You’ve been making every drop count, and it shows. Our precious water supply is in good shape as we head into winter.”

Visit: to learn more about the showerhead exchange programme and to request a free water-saving shower kit.

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