Trash fash on the catwalk this weekend

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – or a clever student’s fashion design. Envirohub’s Sustainable Art Challenge attracted 70 entries this year, including 11 short films and 59 ‘Trash to Fash’ entries. The...... Read More

Spotlight on local theatre – Part One

Theatre. It’s one of humanity’s oldest forms of artistic expression, likely on par with cave paintings and sharing stories around a flickering fire. And despite the prevalence of superhero films and ‘binge-worthy’ Netflix series...... Read More

Pop culture comes out to play

Where can you meet some of your comic book and silver screen heroes all in one place? If you dream of meeting Deadpool, swoon over Star-Lord, or get giddy at the thought of Gandalf, then head to the Armageddon Expo this weekend at ASB Baypark Arena. New...... Read More

Skateboarding turns passion into purpose

It’s a carpet trod by Prime Ministers and lots of other politicos and power brokers - the red carpet tracking through the corridors of parliament. But not many, perhaps no-one, has ever ridden it. Until now, that is. Until Blair Benefield –...... Read More

Creative spark and stereographic Tauranga

David Tauranga is from Hamilton, but now works and lives in Tauranga with his partner and a little Tauranga, Billie. Now David Tauranga, the former Hamilton David Tauranga, is due to feature in Tauranga’s “sassy” little Escape Festival...... Read More

Expressing peace through art

Peace is a product of a positive mental attitude, while violence is the result of negative thinking. Peace can be interpreted in many ways, but for art student Grace Fellows, peace and harmony shake hands like lifelong friends. The 13-year-old Otumoetai...... Read More

On a Loodicrous mission

It’s been described as the mother of all adventures – travelling a third of the earth in a tiny car you nicked from your gran. The annual Mongol Rally is an adventure that will see Tauranga’s Simon Dawson and Mat Still head off from...... Read More

Hip hop happening this Queen’s Birthday Weekend

A dance style that has catapulted many New Zealand dancers, including Parris Goebel, to international success is coming to Tauranga on the Queen’s Birthday weekend. The Project Youth Hip Hop Dance Competition, now in its ninth year, will see...... Read More

$2000 up for grabs at Cow Dump and Gala

Bethlehem School's annual Cow Dump and Gala, being held this Sunday, is gearing up to be one of the biggest yet, with thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes on offer. In a tradition held at the gala for 14 years, ‘Cameo’ the Jersey...... Read More

The legacy of ‘generation snowflake’

Some may call me a special little snowflake, an echo boomer or even just a member of the generation that cares. But there’s no denying millennials aren’t just a generation - they’re a mass movement determined to create change on...... Read More