Nova’s Christmas wish

Nova still needs a home.

They come, they see, they like – but they haven’t been moved sufficiently to take the next crucial next step. Not yet.

Would-be dog owners haven’t scooped up Nova from her pen at the Tauranga SPCA and taken her home to love.

“There has been interest,” says SPCA officer Kristel after the “intelligent, active, soft, sweet and sensitive” Nova featured in the Weekend Sun. “But no confirmed adoption.” Not yet.

Her SPCA resumé describes her as a beautiful, very proud, energetic, seven-month-old girl waiting for the perfect family. She knows how to sit, and responds well to positive, treat-based training. She absolutely loves to go on walks and will benefit from an active lifestyle. Nova has loads of energy and absolutely love the company of people.

Nova got her name from an SPCA volunteer “because she shines as bright as a star.” And the Sun got involved when editorial staff fell for Nova’s little white and wet snout with a brindle head when she appeared in the SPCA Pet of the Week section of the paper.

The week Nova graced the Sun a woman expressed interest. But it didn’t happen. She changed her mind and Nova was back up for adoption. “Poor Nova,” says Kristel.

But now there is new hope. “We have two families who are now interested, however they cannot take her until December. So if it is meant to be, it is meant to be.”

Fingers and paws are crossed at the SPCA that someone comes in before Christmas so she can spend it with a loving family. To know Nova is to love her, so message: to meet her.