CCTV boost to monitor waterfront

The pier has become a popular place for locals and tourists this summer. Photos: Dane Scott.


Tauranga City Council is looking to beef up CCTV coverage around the pier and tidal stairs on the city’s waterfront after ongoing issues with the life preserver going missing.

The pier, pontoon and tidal stairs have been hugely popular with locals and tourists since they opened in April last year, and have been particularly busy in recent weeks as people look to cool off from the summer heat.

Paul Muller, team leader facilities, says there have been issues with the life preserver going missing but it was important to strike a balance between it being accessible when needed, and it being secure.

“We’re looking to beef up the CCTV coverage in that area so we can better identify who’s responsible when this does happen,” says Paul.

“We’ll be putting signage on the cover to make sure people know there are cameras operating and that it is for emergencies only, and will have a security firm undertake random daily patrols to check for damage or unruly behaviour.

“We are also investigating installing a monitored alarm on the life ring so when it is removed a silent alarm sounds and guards are alerted.”

Another issue for council has been the green slime build-up on the lower tidal stairs, which is causing numerous slips and falls, resulting in cuts and bruises to users.

Paul says the initial waterblasting regime for the tidal stairs was three-weekly, but this has been ramped up to fortnightly with daily checks in between in recent weeks.

Options are being looked at to improve the grip on the bottom stairs, including sandblasting or matting.

Councillor Larry Baldock, chair of the City Transformation Committee, says it is “fantastic” to see the council’s vision for the waterfront coming to life.

“We have been working on a number of initiatives to create a vibrant, safe and successful city centre, and the tidal stairs, pier and pontoon have certainly become a wonderful place for people to enjoy and make the most of on these summer days,” says Larry.