Edit fails to cut it

Larry Baldock fails to censor record


City councillor Larry Baldock has failed in an effort to edit council minutes to remove allegations of Chinese organ harvesting.

Larry had hoped to remove reference in the minutes from December 19 of Judy Shakespear’s public forum talk about organ harvesting.

“It was sufficient to note that she just presented to us.” says Larry. “Given our sister city relationship, I wouldn’t like to see those comments about organ harvesting being raised on visits to Yantai and so on. I don’t think we need to go into that sort of detail.”

Mayor Greg Brownless said If he wanted it put to a vote, it would have to be moved.

“I’m not sure what the view of the meeting is, but it is meant to be an accurate record of what took place,” says Greg.

The minute states that in response to questions, Judy encouraged council to obtain information on organ harvesting on visits to Yantai - Tauranga’s sister city.

“Yes, she did say that,” says Larry, “but I don’t think there was any support for that around this table, and I don’t think it should be recorded in our minutes.”

There was no support from councillors.

Councillor Rick Curach asked Judy for advice in terms of how councillors should engage with the sister city relationship in light of her warning to councillors about forced organ harvesting of Chinese dissidents.

“When you go to Yantai maybe you can pose as somebody who wants an organ,” says Judy.

“You can go to any hospital nearby and they will gladly show you their facilities, which are unbelievably upmarket - right up-to-the-minute with technology.

“Or, if you say you know somebody who wants an organ and you are just making enquiries on their behalf, they will give you all the information you require. They advertise this on websites.”

Judy warned Tauranga City councillors about forced live organ harvesting being undertaken by the Chinese Communist Party, saying the regime is carrying out genocide.