$2000 up for grabs at Cow Dump and Gala

Wherever Cameo the cow takes a dump could net someone $2000 on Sunday.

Bethlehem School's annual Cow Dump and Gala, being held this Sunday, is gearing up to be one of the biggest yet, with thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes on offer.

In a tradition held at the gala for 14 years, ‘Cameo’ the Jersey cow will take centre stage on a gridded area of the school field, as visitors wait in anticipation to see which square she poos on.

The person holding the ticket matching the corresponding grid that she ‘dumps’ on first wins $2000 in prize money. There are also $200 prizes for the eight surrounding squares.

Bethlehem School PTA representative Kerri Jones says while waiting for Cameo to do her business, families can enjoy a variety of entertainment such as pony rides, a giant trampoline, merry-go-round, photo booth, slime games, dancing and much more.

“Taste buds will also be tantalised with a variety of food stalls to choose from,” she says, “including Chinese, French and Japanese cuisine created by the school’s international families.

“Along with the cow dump, there are loads of other great prizes on offer through a silent auction, Lions Club raffle, padlock raffle and other activities, so chances are no one will leave empty handed.”

The Cow Dump and Gala is being held at Bethlehem School on the corner of Bethlehem and Carmichael Roads between 11am-2pm this Sunday, May 27.

To keep up-to-date with plans for the event, search for the Bethlehem School Gala and Cow Dump event on Facebook.