Local climbers leap to nationals

Mount Maunganui Infinity Climbing group preparing for the competition at Rocktopia.

It’s more than having fun and climbing up a wall. And it’s certainly more than mere child’s play.

They scale the wall akin to a superhero, clinging on for dear life by the tips of their fingers, and they’re racing to do it the fastest.

Mount Maunganui Infinity Climbing club will see many local climbers problem-solving their way through a range of obstacles this weekend to gain national ranking points in the Climbing NZ national cup competition.

Rob Moore from Infinity Climbing says climbing is divided into three categories: speed, lead and boulder.

In this competition the focus will be bouldering which is a disciplined form of climbing where a lot of power and strength is required.

“All climbing is done without ropes, and climbers go to a maximum of 5m high and climb over big crash mats,” says Rob.

“The climbing is spectacular to watch and has climbers jumping through the air and trying to catch holds a lot of the time.”

Rob says climbing is a sport for problem-solvers. The strength part can be trained easily, but the mental part is something not everyone has.

“Basically you have to be able to problem-solve your way up a competition climb all the way, keeping your focus and remaining cool under pressure.

“It’s a great sport because the team environment is so supportive, yet when you are on the wall it’s only you versus the climb.”

The competition will start on Saturday, June 23 at 9am with qualifying rounds for senior and open competitors and finals for this age group at 6.45pm.

Other youth categories from U20 -U12 will be competing from June 23-24. Members of the public are welcome to come and watch at Rocktopia, 9 Triton Ave, Mount Maunganui.