Pets allowed in Housing NZ properties

Housing New Zealand has changed its policy to allow tenants to have pets.

Housing New Zealand is now a pet-friendly landlord, with tenants now allowed to keep dogs, cats, livestock animals kept as pets, birds, fish and small animals in their homes.

Chief operating officer Paul Commons says the change, which came into effect in September, is part of a wider desire to better support Housing New Zealand tenants to live well.

“Studies have shown that pets have numerous health and wellness benefits for people - particularly the elderly, small children and people who live on their own,” says Paul.

“Therefore, we want to be a landlord who supports our tenants to experience the joy and companionship that comes from pet ownership.”

Paul says tenants need to take care of their pets and be responsible for their control, health and welfare.

“They also need to let us know if they want a dog, cat or livestock animal so we can collect some information about their pet,” he adds.

“As part of this we will give them some guidance on what they need to consider when having a pet in their home.”

To help tenants be great pet owners, Housing New Zealand will be providing further guidance and advice on pet ownership and pet care.

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