Feeling Fine & Dandy

Fine & Dandy comedic conspirators Liam Hagan and Gavin Kerr.

’Fine and Dandy’ – a wonderful phrase with wonderful meanings such as ‘excellent’, ‘all good’, or ‘mean bro’.

It’s also a new live sketch comedy show written and performed by Tauranga comedic conspirators Gavin Kerr and Liam Hagan, and on stage at 16th Avenue Theatre from January 26-30.

Fine & Dandyfeatures a gargantuan gaggle of larger than life characters placed in hilarious observational and satirical sketches compiled into one big “laugh-a-minute” show.

“There must be something better than ‘laugh-a-minute’,” Gavin deadpans. “How about, one laugh each act? We guarantee one laugh per seven minutes or your money back?”

“Yeah that could work, though we can’t really afford to give people their money back,” Liam replies.

Conceived as TV project the pair were working on last year, they decided to present Fine & Dandyon stage after recognising that Tauranga was bereft of any live sketch comedy.

With imagination their only limitation, the pair say their show spans a range of topics, situations and themes.

“From Shakespeare to modern times,” explains Liam. “There’s nothing too obscure, maybe a couple of controversial moments and some choice language, but we promise something to laugh about.”

“Ahem,” Gavin interjects, “One laugh per seven minutes or your money back.”

“I told you, we’re not giving people’s money back,” says Liam.

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