Looking for sponsors

Indica with his family

Champion surfer Indica Knox Corcoran is looking for sponsorship for the upcoming surfing competitions in Australia.

A student at Tahatai Coast School, the eight-year-old won second place in the prestigious Sydney BL Blast Off competition in October.

Prior to competing in the five-day Australian competition, Indi and his family went to Bali for training, and returned for a week to surf at the Mount and Whangamata before leaving for the Sydney contest.

“DHD Surfboards had two boards waiting for him in Sydney,” says Indica’s father Phil Corcoran, a national surf competition judge.

“The competition was amazing. He got there a few days early so was able to train.

“He surfed five times in total and got two seconds and a first. That put him into the semi-finals where he got a second, and he also got a second in the finals.”

There were around 350 competitors overall, with 38 in Indi’s division, most of whom were Australians.

Having surfed since the age of two, Indica’s first competition was in Gisborne in 2015. The then four-year-old was up against under 14-year-olds.

Indi has received local sponsorship from Seventhwave Wetsuits and Curve Surf, who contributed $500 for the BL Blast Off, and $500 in 2017 so Indi could train at the Australian High Performance Centre.

“They’ve been a huge help for us,” says Phil.

To go further in the sport, Indi needs more sponsorship to help pay for flights and travel ahead of 2019.

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