Filming seaweed foraging

Kirsten Bradley makes seaweed delicious

Filmmakers Antoinette Wilson and Jordan Osmond have been busy making short documentaries about permaculture, food forests and sustainable living.

When I first met them, they were living in a two hectare food forest in Katikati, but when I caught up with them on the phone this week, I discovered they’re now on the Banks Peninsula pursuing their latest project.

“We’ve also been in Australia foraging seaweed with Milkwood Permaculture’s Kirsten Bradley,” says Antoinette.  “And there's a new film to show for it.

“In fact, we set out to make the first video in a new series we've been planning for a while now.”

The ‘Hands On’ is a how-to series of short videos that Jordan and Antoinette have made that are instructional and permaculture/sustainability focused.

“We have lots of subjects in mind; preserving foods, fermenting, gardening tips, waste free tips, and energy saving tips.

“We're also keen to hear what people would love to learn. They can contact us by email or comment via social media.”

In the first video of their new ‘Hands On’ series viewers can learn from Kirsten how to forage for seaweed and make gomasio, a delicious seasoning for soups, salads, scrambled eggs and a variety of other meals.

The video shows Kirsten at the beach, harvesting sea lettuce and kelp,

“Sea lettuce is a delicate seaweed,” says Kirsten. “It’s fantastic to dry, cook in different ways and also great to use in salad.”

She also forages for kelp.

“When foraging, be really mindful of what you’re doing. Never take the first one you see as there’s a small chance that it might be the only one on the beach.

“Seaweed is an important part of the marine ecosystem, and is an important food source as it ferments and breaks down.”

Back home in her kitchen, she gives step-by-step instructions while washing, drying and then crumbling the sea lettuce and kelp, making a delicious gomasio.

“It’s one of the most delicious sprinkles on earth that we can make at home,” says Kirsten.

Jordan and Antoinette also provide a downloadable one-page handout with full details when viewers are ready to get foraging.

They will be returning to Tauranga in July ready to show their latest documentary to a very appreciative local audience. Their collection of short films and documentaries can be viewed at .