Love never leaves us

Barbara and Jack Moyle want to share the message that Alzheimer’s isn’t the end.

It’s a local story reminiscent of The Notebook – a story of love, dedication and never giving up.

Local musician Jack Moyle and his wife Barbara live day-to-day with a fairly common demon – Alzheimers.

And Jack’s used his talents to help others in a similar situation while still making sure his wife knows he loves her.

“I’ve written one original song for my wife who has Alzheimers and recorded a cover of another song,” he says.

“The original song, the title is ‘Love Remains’ and I wrote it over a period of time. I wanted it to have a positive spin on it because when you’re caring for someone – particularly with Alzheimers – the future isn’t good. The positive message out of it is that, while things change and we can lose someone, love will always remind.

“Love never leaves us, everything does change but love is one thing that you can’t be separated from.”

The couple have been married for coming up 47 years after tying the knot when they were just 16 and 18 and they’re still as loved up as the day they wed.

“Jack has been an amazing husband,” says Barbara. “I just get on with my life, I keep going and it helps that I have a lovely husband.”

The couple want people in a similar situation to know that Alzheimer’s isn’t the end, despite how it might feel some days.

“The diagnosis isn’t the end,” says Jack. “I do try to maintain a positive attitude – I say to a lot of people: ‘you need to focus on the doughnut not the hole in the middle’.

“Sometimes the hole in the middle is real and you can’t deny it but just so long as you don’t set up camp there, that’s the main thing.

“You can still live well with dementia,” he says.

“There are adjustments and things that we have to make work, but you can still live a meaningful life.

“I just think that the main thing is to be as positive as you can, and it’s hard. It is very, very hard at times, especially seeing the love of your life just change.”

Jack is hoping to have copies of his song, ‘Love Remains’ on sale at the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk on September 28.

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