Rekindling the love

Owner of Books A Plenty Chris Baskett will have plenty of books to read during the four week lockdown. Photo: Daniel Hines.

It’s time to start reading our way out of a crisis.

Books a Plenty shut its doors on Wednesday but already had a number of loyal customers in isolation before the lockdown was in place.

Many had already stocked up on books either by visiting the store or ordering them online.

Before the lockdown was announced, owner Chris Baskett says they were very busy stocking everything up.

“Reading is perfect for this time. First of all, reading is escapism so it gets you out of now. It’s travel which we can’t do, so you can read about other places. It’s educational, you can read about things you need to know, and of course its entertainment which we’re going to be a little bit short of, there’s only so much Netflix you can watch.

“It can be done in isolation, it can be done on your own. It can be done with your family.”

She says right now, there are just so many good books out there.

Chris was hoping to accept online orders and either courier them out or deliver them herself once her doors did close, but they had been notified that they cannot do online orders and deliveries during the lockdown.

“Darn, I’ll have to read MORE books. I’ve got a few,” says the post.

The local business had made the decision to waive the freight charge to cover people who didn’t want to make unnecessary travel to the store.

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