Doggy doo an icy affair

Indrea Werder and Harman Takhar show Kylie their dog doo freezing spray. Photo: Daniel Hines.

You’re out walking the dog enjoying the fresh air until Fido decides it time to get down to business.

There’s nothing worse than picking up warm squishy poo with a plastic bag as the smell fills your nostrils so you hold your breath and quickly tie up the bag then exhale.

Two Papamoa teens have come up with an idea to make picking up poo less icky.

Indrea Werder and Harman Takhar have tested out sprays to freeze the faeces making it easier to handle and less assaulting to the senses.

They have repurposed electrical freezing spray for their product Ice It.

Originally the idea was to dissolve the poo but when they discovered that wasn’t possible they set about finding the best way to freeze it.

The Papamoa College students enlisted the help of a nearby dog day care to find the best spray for
the job.

Dozens of dog poos and four different types of freezing sprays later the girls have found the perfect poo popsicle maker.

“It was quite disgusting sometimes testing it, because sometimes it was really fresh,” says Indrea.

“It was a hell of an experience for us,” laughs Harman.

The Dog House dog day care owner Susan Cochrane says the pair have done their research visiting about five times to collect poo for testing.

“They’ve really put the hard innings in for this. I’ve been really impressed with their dedication to poo.”

Indrea jokes it was funny hearing staff on the walkie talkies requesting any poo be brought to reception for them.

The pair hope their product will make it easier for people to clean up after their dog rather than leaving it for someone else to step on.  

Harman says they came up with the idea out of frustration at people leaving their dog’s poo behind, often on the front lawn of her house.

The 17-year-olds have created the brand Toodlz for the product and designed a logo, website and business strategy as part of the Young Enterprise scheme.

Both teens hope they will be able to grow the business and provide other products in future making it sustainable beyond the Young Enterprise programme.

At the moment the spray is just a prototype but they are getting to ready for market and pre-orders are available through the website:

They hope all dog owners will see Ice It as an essential when walking their furry friends.

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