Cat burglar unrepentant for his crimes

Sol Lee Tobin and Gary the cat face off over who should keep the shoes. Photo: John Borren.

A boy and his Batman slippers have been reunited after they were stolen by the resident cat burglar while he slept.

Ginger tom cat Gary spends a lot of his nights sneaking into the Lee family’s yard in Bellevue to steal socks, shoes, slippers and other clothing items.

While Jungeun and her son Sol didn’t realise the Batman slippers were missing they thought something odd was happening when their new shoes started disappearing.

Initially Jungeun thought it might have been the wind and she jokes that it could have been a ghost.

She says her husband Chris didn’t think much of it and that they were losing the items but when a pair of his socks ended up on the driveway he knew something was up.

“For us the most worrying part was not knowing what was happening.”

Jungeun took to Facebook to get to the bottom of the vanishing items and within an hour she had her answer.

Gary the kleptomaniac cat is the culprit.

Someone posted the link to the previous The Weekend Sun article about Gary’s thieving ways and upon opening the article she saw him sitting proudly with Saul’s shoe and her smiley face slipper, so she contacted his owner Marcia Martin.

When they went to meet Gary and identify their stolen goods, Jungeun was surprised by the amount of things he had taken and also found items they didn’t know were gone.

The mischievous moggie remained nonchalant when faced with his crimes.

“He just pretended nothing has happened when we went to see him, it was kind of cute,” laughs Jungeun.

She sees Gary’s larceny as more amusing than anything and says he is a strong and busy cat making multiple trips to their home some nights.

“The funny thing is he started off with little things like socks and slippers, and now he’s become more ambitious, so he's trying heavier things.”

The family’s plan was to keep, socks, slippers and lighter shoes inside from now on to keep Gary from temptation but he’s upped his game and has taken Chris’ size 12 shoes.

Marcia is pleased Gary chose a lovely family to steal from and living three houses apart she can easily return things but often the items aren’t theirs.

The feline continues to thieve from other homes in the neighbourhood and has a preference for designer sneakers like Converse and Nike but will also bring home gardening gloves, sweatshirts and hats.

Marcia is eager to reunite everyone with their missing items – she has distributed flyers along the street and set up an amnesty stall at 352 Ngatai Road for people to collect items from.

She keeps the expensive shoes at home to be on the safe side and posts these on Gary’s personal Facebook page called Gary’s antics.

Marcia wants everyone to know Gary means no harm he’s just ambitious with his hoarding and she would hate to see anyone hurt him.

People from Ngatai Road can also email: if they are missing something.

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