Tauranga’s Band with the Brass

Tauranga City Brass Auxiliary members Harper Shallard, Matthew Kliskey, Shayden Betts and Russell getting in some practice. Photo: John Borren.

A development brass band, established in the city six months ago, is having its first concert on December 3 – and everyone is welcome!

Annabelle Stewart created the new band she calls Tauranga City Brass Auxiliary – for learners, young and old, and entry level artists to gain confidence in playing music.

“Some of them have been playing for a couple of years, and some have been playing for less than a year,” says Annabelle.

“It’s not about being the best of the best and winning – it’s about turning up, making friends, playing music and having a fun time.”

Annabelle says the band plays everything from classical, jazz, traditional brass band marches to movie soundtracks.

There are 11 kids in the band and there will be 15 on-stage at the concert.

“I’ve called it ‘The Opening Act’ because it’s our premiere concert to get the nerves out, have a go, see how it goes, and we had to work towards something,” says Annabelle.

“The concert is in the band room, a familiar environment; easier for the kids.”

Annabelle asks all family, friends and parents to attend – and hopes the event will inspire people who want to learn and don’t have the confidence.

Tauranga City Brass Auxiliary’s premiere concert ‘The Opening Act’ is at the Tauranga City Brass Band Room. 10 Yatton St, Greerton, on Sunday, December 3 at 3pm.

Entry is $10. For tickets, see ‘Tauranga City Brass’ on Facebook.

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