Cyclists claim Grenada Street

Unlike its dreamy, balmy Caribbean namesake, Grenada Street in Arataki is a bristling corner of suburbia right now. It’s about a couple of separated cycle lanes, and it has some neighbours in Grenada Street feeling frustrated and unheard. “The...... Read More

Are we barking up the right tree?

All dogs classified as menacing to be neutered, and no more than two beehives in a residential zone. They’re just a couple of proposed changes to the rules governing how we manage our dogs and keep other animals in Tauranga. The issues are up...... Read More

A pittance to pay for progress

The bus driver is venting in The Weekend Sun front office. To anyone who will listen really.   “Do they have any bloody idea?” He’s been manoeuvring his big yellow MAN 40-plus seater bus around construction sites, streets down...... Read More

Museum vote challenged

  A pro-museum interpretation of the 60/40 museum referendum result is being challenged by the council’s City Transformation Committee chairman and museum advocate, Larry Baldock.   Sixty per cent of eligible voters who took part...... Read More

Robson returns to Tauranga City Council

  He might have lost his seat after one term in 2016, but former Tauranga city councillor John Robson has been given a second chance by voters after winning the recent by-election.   As the successful candidate from a field of 20, John...... Read More

Rethinking public transport in Tauranga

  There are more cars on our roads than ever before, with Tauranga traffic worsening ever year.   One man who’s spent a lot of time thinking about the issue is local architect Mark Wassung. For the past couple of years he’s...... Read More

Thank you, but we need more cycle ways

  Nearly a hundred Tauranga recreational cyclists turned out en masse this week to say thank you to the NZTA.   They gathered at Ila Park on a new commuter and recreational link, a shared cycle way and boardwalk hugging SH29A from the new...... Read More

Help the change - keep the change

  A poster has been designed for display in Greerton shop windows to encourage people not to give money to street beggars. Greerton Village retailer Dan Hughes has produced a large yellow poster reading ‘Help the change – keep the change’. “What...... Read More

Icon or eyesore on Cliff Road

“Ridiculous projections.” Ted Petrie fires it out. He doesn’t hold back. And he produces a well-notated Heart of the City document on the proposal for a museum on Cliff Road. It ‘cautiously estimates’ 240,000 visitors a...... Read More

Quick facts for the by-elections

This by-election covers the extraordinary vacancy for one Tauranga City councillor elected at-large. The vacancy has arisen from the recent death of Councillor Gail McIntosh. There are 20 candidates running for the position including: MJ Moses, Tony...... Read More